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trojan makings
whats cooming up!
apt living
shed pic
a night at the triple crwon
San Marc
harvest of Evil
skinny dippers tanked again

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George Chicken


August 26, 2006

trojan makings

this is the intior of the base of the Castle facade of Troy.,

Posted at 03:48 PM

August 24, 2006



the status now is lets get it on!
i am making the base of the Trojan castle facde this weekend, and a couple of sketchs, but it sure is hot out !
i have been slowly putting together the grean lake paintings using alot of medium , its a fun set to put in motion,

Posted at 11:32 AM

August 23, 2006

whats cooming up!

its the cuffs of the new season, and what's to be expected??
i know for sure i am going to begin the makings of the Trojan project
or as i have called it "contract with America" or what was that called the Rumfield deal
Drek help me out here,
its gonna be huge, i started making it the beging of the summer, there will be two drwing acompanying it, too,.

that and the redevolpement of the work made last year the final pack of this kinda work, 20 total,
So what else,

Posted at 09:01 PM | Comments (1)

August 19, 2006

apt living

yep this is living in my mini apt,
boy it sure is relaxing,
Natural lite and flying fishs, K-Cross

i am wrapping things up here sorta back and forth to to San Marcos, but there are alot of things in store!
one being the master set of 2005 -06 work
and the the chicken bone trojan horce, with castle that i seem to have forgotten over the sumer,
the ever evolveing set known as Green lake, me and scruffys adventure into water ,figures and drinking

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Posted at 06:52 PM

August 16, 2006

shed pic


Posted at 01:32 AM

August 13, 2006

a night at the triple crwon

well last night i went to see the spides play
got real smashed, too, but ran into chris lead singer of the band
il get a link down

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Posted at 10:34 AM

August 11, 2006

San Marc

back in san marc..
well i am here n my old studio

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Posted at 08:56 AM

August 09, 2006

harvest of Evil


i guess now , i have to do the skinny dippers deal
what i figuured its gonna be 6 large paintings, 10 med, and out 24 smalller one in colabrative with Scruffy,
i had some one check out what i was doing and she said its awful, and i am tastless
who was it, Picasso , said,
Art is a lie in which you find out the truth,

so i gotts to do this now, so some where around Nov this stuff will expire , i just have to keep focused on the deal, , its like composing a bad horror movie, . Thisone lady said "why aren't the men painted. are you objectityin women, ?" i told her i ain't gonna paiunt no me, they is ugly , excpet maybe a couple of self poits in the deal, admireing these ladys,
it was all to easy,.

this is unreal,

i actualy have this book and video

crazy video on Tilton, you can see this guys madness

yep., B Hinn

Posted at 10:17 PM


i think i should go back and make like Tilton/Scott in these day of the dead halloween muddy pond Preacher , character flights, like the cussing preacher, make these sketch and push them off on ebay,
thats what inspires me
along with a sic pac

Posted at 10:09 AM

August 08, 2006

skinny dippers tanked again

well i guess after last night i layed around my apt and thought about whats next?



?!@$!$ this is the real shit!


bubb rubb
this was realinteresting, it turned into an internet explosion, on this guy

some of my all time favorites!

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Posted at 08:54 AM

August 06, 2006

drek red 10


this is some of drek new work,
went to san marc for the day or so, still a mess but, got to talk to Freddy in his last days of being in town.

In the next couple of weeks i am going to hit the road, go to Brenham

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Posted at 10:15 PM

August 04, 2006

its a dogs life

whats in store, well this month i think i am going to hit the road some, and sorta recape what will be the final stragdys of all this stuff

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Posted at 10:20 AM

August 02, 2006

Aug, whats in store


You will soon forget the world and it will soon forget you,

bravo el' Egotistical, may your castle be made of sand..

and parrish the words of the skeptis and nay sayers

Posted at 08:11 AM